I am an engineer by trade but an artist at heart. I love beauty and subtlety; I also love figuring things out. I am starting to give reign to my artistic side, and I find that my favorite art form is the written word. I am hoping to develop more skill using it. My goal in doing so is to glorify God who is the source of all beauty and love.

I am a Christian and I strive to be everything I ought to be and want to be, whether that is having the connection with God that I need, being the person others need me to be, or expressing myself well. I fall short of my own expectations, and I fully admit to being a messy perfectionist. That is why the grace of God continues to amaze me and pick me back up every time I fall.

This blog page is my attempt at expressing myself. I will explore my passions, and those are mainly about God. I will write about my personal Bible reading and study, my theology, my philosophy, and also my life. I may even throw in some poetry!

I would love to hear from anyone who wants to discuss any of these topics and the things I post. I ask for constructive and respectful posts. Be blessed!